Academic Excellence

Students at Gobind Sarvar will be subjected to high standards of academia. The focus will be on problem solving and students will have have ample opportunities to showcase their talents. We expect our students to become independent learners who can tackle real life problems and look for better and innovative solutions.  

Self assessment

In many subjects, self assessments is used to assess students' progress, particularly in writing and math. By self assessing o a regular basis, students are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses at an early stage. They can then work on developing their skills and mastering each unit clearly.   Staff constantly evaluate these processes to push students to achieve their potential. 

Teacher Student connections

Gobind Sarvar teachers have excellent relationships with their students. This ensures that students are able to approach their teachers about any academic issue and gain extra help. In this way, our students will have little chance to fall behind and if they do, our teachers will be on hand to help.

In addition to the regular in class assignments, our students will be able to demonstrate their academic excellence outside the classroom as well. Some of our students will participate in School Reach, a quiz based program and activity in which a series of questions are asked to a team. Successful teams can compete in Regional, Provincial and National competitions. For more information, please see our academic contests

                                             In every course, the students complete internal                                                       assessments. These assessments can be in the

                                             form of quizzes, tests, examinations, essays, research projects, investigations, laboratory experiments, and so on. These assessments are marked against set standards and not by each student's position in the overall rank order. Students are given constant feedback and

are able to monitor their own progress.

Gobind Sarvar offers a comprehensive and rigorous academic program that

prepares young men and women to become independent learners. It is our intention that our graduates will gain 100% acceptance in a university of their choice.  

The "classroom"

 In the 21st Century, it is necessary that we redefine the classroom. The classroom does not necessarily have 4 walls, in fact the modern classroom doesn't have any walls at all. It is important that students learn real life applications of all that they learn. To this effect, emphasis is given to allow students explore the world around them and experience real issues. We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills to solve these issues!

In addition, our students will attend field trips to areas around our community and beyond. For example, rather than tell them about a particular ecosystem (biology), students will learn better if this is shown to them. Therefore, our students will be able to relate to these issues and become better informed.


 Each classroom is equipped with smart board technology. This enables our teachers to deliver the curriculum in the most effective manner and also enhances the learning environment for each student. 

In order to have a focus

on academic achievement,

a school has to provide                    resources. Gobind Sarvar

School is committed to

providing the latest

resources so that our

students can achieve their potential.