It is our belief that a good arts program has a positive affect on a                                                    child's development. Starting from Kindergarten, Gobind Sarvar 

                                          students experience the arts in different forms. Storytelling, drama,                                                 painting, music and drawing are all part of our arts program through                                               which students enhance their understanding of  the world around 


                                          As the students move from Kindergarten to higher grades, the arts program becomes more refined. In grades 8 and 9, skills in textiles and cooking are taught along with IT. In grade 10, the arts program takes on a different role. 

This year, photography has been introduced as an additional elective at grade 10.

In addition, students take Entrepreneurship and

Marketing and learn about the world of business. 

Grade 8 & 9: Textiles



Grade 10:      Entrepreneurship and Marketing


Grade 11:       Accounting

                        Media arts

Credit Assessment
Multicolor Laser Light Art