Schools opening in September

As per Ministry of Education instructions,  it is expected that elementary, middle and secondary school students will return to full-time, in-class instruction with minimal modifications to school structures and timetables. 

In September 2020 all schools in British Columbia will start up in Stage 2 with the goal of maximizing in-class instruction for all students within the revised public health guidelines to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Having students in the classroom helps to minimize learning gaps and provide the academic, social and emotional supports essential for learning. Schools and school districts will also have the necessary plans in place to be able to shift quickly between stages if and when required.


▪ Full return to in-class instruction provided that all required health and safety measures 

  can be accommodated.

▪ Full-time instruction for students with disabilities/diverse abilities and students requiring

  additional support.

▪ Focus on mental health and well-being supports for students returning to school.

▪ Options for students with underlying complex medical needs.

▪ Alternative methods of delivery, to be jointly determined by boards of education and First

  Nations, for students from First Nations that remain closed and will not be sending students back 

  in September.


▪ Provincial curriculum for all students at all grade levels.

▪ Regular report cards as per the Student Reporting Policy.

▪ Regular assessments at the classroom and provincial level.


▪ Parents will be asked to monitor their children daily for symptoms and not to send them to school

  if they are sick. Anyone who is sick will not be allowed in school.

▪ Students will be asked to wash their hands frequently, including before coming to school. They

  will have access to hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

▪ Schools will continue to be cleaned more frequently, including classrooms and high touch areas.

▪ School and classrooms might look different:

       → Organizing students into Learning Groups

        → Increased spacing between students and more individual and smaller group activities

        → Limitations on assemblies and other large gatherings

▪ Wearing non-medical masks will be a personal choice for students and teachers and will be made

  available and provided upon request.

▪ Students will be asked to label their personal items and not to share them.

▪ Parents may need to remind children to minimize physical contact with their friends.

▪ See COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings for more information on K-12 

   health and safety measures