Culture and language

Gobind Sarvar School welcomes students from every background and culture. We believe that diversity is our strength. To this effect, you will find that our staff members come from different backgrounds and this makes our programs diverse and exciting.

The Punjabi culture is diverse and you will find that, in

Punjab, people from many different backgrounds live

together. Indeed, in some villages in Punjab, you will

find Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs living and working

together. The culture is vibrant with exquisite tastes

in music and food. The main spoken language is


At Gobind Sarvar, we promote our culture by hosting

various functions and celebrating key festivals like

Diwali and Vaisakhi. Participation in cultural festivals

encourages our youth to learn and become 

knowledgeable about their own heritage. 


                                                                 The language of Punjabi is taught as a                                                                                 second language. This is important as our                                                                          mother language is slowly being eroded.                                                                           The use of written and spoken Punjabi is                                                                             promoted - this is particularly important

                                                                 so that our children are able to communicate                                                                     with parents and grandparents at home.