Emergency Preparedness Plan

 Drills are practiced throughout the   year according to our emergency   plan.

The following are the types of

 emergencies that could occur  (it is

 not an exhaustive list)


  •   Lockdown

  •   Environmental  disasters



When parents drop of their children to school, we are responsible for them. As a school, we consider ourselves to be to be one of the safest places in our communities. However, emergencies do arise and we all need to know what to do in such an eventuality.

When an emergency happens,  the first priority is the safety of our students and staff. Staff in our school are aware and will rely on our Emergency Response Plan.  

Staff members are regularly trained on emergency protocols and drills involving different emergencies are practiced at the school on a regular basis. 

Please go through the following basic procedures so that you are acquainted on how to respond in a school emergency.

 When an emergency occurs, you are naturally worried and wish to re-unite with your child. We understand this. However, to ensure every child’s safety and the safety of staff, specific procedures have been established for releasing students.

Children will only be released to authorized individuals and you may be asked to sign their release. Once you have done this, please vacate the area immediately.

Reuniting with your child

   We will make every effort to contact parents directly if an emergency occurs and your child is involved. We will do this as soon as the situation is under control. However, this might take some time as we will need to deal with the emergency first. Parents will be alerted to emergency situations via the Notification Network (phone or electronic notifications).

Communication with school

  •  Although the natural instinct may be to go to the school, please avoid doing so, as it would just impede our response.

  • Only come to school to pick up your child if asked to do so.

  • When you arrive at the school, please respect school protocols and avoid running to your child. 

  • Please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL and DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S CELL PHONE. DURING AN EMERGENCY, it is unlikely you will be able to reach the school by phone.



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