Frequently asked questions

What kind of school is Gobind Sarvar?

Gobind Sarvar is a fully accredited independent school in the province of British Columbia. Our academic curriculum meets the standards of the BC Ministry of Education. 

In addition, we offer a program that integrates religion and culture along with academics, sports, technology and the arts.

Will I need to reapply each year?

Parents will need to complete a simple form to confirm their intention for the following year. 

As long as there is no reason why enrollment should be disallowed, students are automatically re-enrolled  once this form is completed.

Is there a uniform?

Yes, there is a uniform.

We believe that a uniform is necessary so that all our students look consistent in their dress code.

Uniform information can be found here. 

What is the language of instruction?

All the courses are taught in English and students are encouraged to speak English so that they become fluent at it.

When students attend Punjabi or French classes, they naturally engage in these languages at that time.

To what grade does the school teach?

At the moment, we are accepting applications for K - 11. We are adding a grade each year. Therefore, students enrolled in Gobind Sarvar will be able to complete their schooling at Gobind Sarvar and graduate.

In June 2022, we will have our first graduating class.

What is the average class  size?

 Gobind Sarvar is proud that we have small class sizes. In this way, students get the attention that they deserve and a better learning environment is created.

Currently, Kindergarten  classes have around 17 students and grades 7 and above have around 24.

What are the intake years ?

Our main intake year is kindergarten. However, we do accept applications for all grades.

It is natural that most students continue onto the next grade, however, some families do move for personal reasons. As a result, space often opens up. If a class is full, your name will be put on a wait list.

What involvement do parents have at the school?

Parents are an important part of the school. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in many school activities including volunteering, PAC membership and helping out in community events.

Please email us for more details.