Our values


Integrity is foundational to the Gobind Sarvar community. We value truthfulness, sincerity, and ethical work. Those who remain true to their internal guide are shining examples to the rest of humanity that we can live a nobler way of life in this world.  


Introspection allows us to understand our thoughts, habits, and emotions. This gives individuals the ability to self-regulate and strengthens their emotional intelligence, which is critical in all aspects of life. 


We value humility as it opens doors for discussions and a willingness to learn from each other. It teaches us to learn from our mistakes, take success in stride, and to work in the collective best interest.   


Resiliency is important in the constant changing pace of life. Persevering in the face of external and internal stressors is learned by directing one’s energy towards positivity and productivity.  


We value an attitude of appreciation. By exemplifying this to students we endeavour to equip them with the necessary tools to live a content and happy life. 


We value the common spirit within the hearts of all humanity. Recognizing this enables us to have more mutually enriching interactions and to create a more connected community. 


We value creativity as it leads to novel ways of thinking and creating. It motivates us to set high goals and work with resolve towards achieving them. 


We value the inherent worth of individuals and strive towards building an attitude of professionalism and kindness throughout the Gobind Sarvar Community.