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Learning and growing at Gobind Sarvar extends well beyond regular class times. This allows our students to learn and develop skills that are above and beyond the regular school curriculum.  Participation in clubs and activities is an important part of life at Gobind Sarvar and provides another an opportunity for our students to practice and experience teamwork, discovery and collaboration. Some students will learn new skills that they have not previously been exposed to while others may discover a new passion. Participation will teach students about commitment and some may even involve competitive play against other schools in the region.


There is a range of clubs for all grades and interest levels. Clubs and activities offered change from year to year. Please also note that some clubs and activities may not be open to every age group.

The following is a list of some of the clubs and activities that will be offered depending on student interest:


The chess club will focus on strategy. As our players become skilled, there will be opportunities to play against other schools.

School Reach

 School Reach teams represent their schools in a fast-paced quiz challenge testing both their knowledge and speed of recall. 

Multicultural Club 

 Students will engage in hands on activities to explore various cultures. Helps students develop multiculturalism.


The club will focus on improving the reading level of our students.


This club is about critical thinking and problem solving. Our goal is to encourage math skills and logical reasoning. 

Science Club

This club will focus on activities in which students will learn about the practical applications of science in a fun and safe manner.


 The focus will be on skill building and sportsmanship with a view to competing against other schools.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global award that allows young people to determine what they are passionate about, regardless of their background, culture or access to resources. 

Student Council

The elected student council will promote  student leadership within the school and will have a set of assigned responsibilites 

Math Club

The math club is primarily for students that are hoping to challenge the math contests that are coming up


 The focus will be on skill building and sportsmanship with a view to competing against other schools.

Debating & Public speaking

Public speaking club will promote the art of making persuasive speeches and build confidence 


This club will focus on fitness and staying healthy

School Newspaper

Students will create a newspaper/magazine highlighting whats happening from a students point of view