Academic Contests

During the year, students will have an opportunity to participate in many contests. Many of these will  be academic in nature. The following list details some of the contests that will be available to our students. Please bear in mind that some of these may have age and eligibility conditions.

Science fair

Gobind Sarvar Annual Science and Education Fair is held every year in February. The projects are judged by qualified judges. Projects are selected based on the criteria set by the Science Fair Committee. Every year, our students participate in Regional Science Fair sponsored by SFU, held at Kwantlen University Campus and win many prizes.

Math contests

Our students will write various math contests throughout the year to showcase their abilities. These contests include the American Math Competition (gr 8 and 10) and various contests from the University of Waterloo (gr 7, 8, 9, 10).

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Spelling Bee

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