The Sikh religion

Gobind Sarvar School welcomes students from all faiths and backgrounds. We believe in diversity and understand that this is our strength, not our weakness.

To this effect, you will find that our staff members come

from different backgrounds and this makes our programs

diverse and exciting.


The Sikh religion is perhaps the youngest of the

recognised religions. It is also one of the more modern

faiths and welcomes all people regardless of their

backgrounds. It was founded by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

in the 15th Century. Guru Nanak Dev Ji spread the virtues

of service and humility. One of the main beliefs of Sikhism

is the concept of One God (Ek Onkar). The teachings and

philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are widely respected

today just the way they were 500 years ago!

At Gobind Sarvar, it is important that students understand and respect the three pillars of Sikhism. These include "Naam Japo, Kirt karo and Wand ke shako." These were formalised by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and help to live of purpose. Following the Guru Nanak                                                                    Dev Ji will ensure that our students will grow up                                                                        to be valuable members of society. Students will                                                                      learn about the history of Sikhism and explore                                                                          various aspects of Gurbani. They will attend                                                                             regular prayers at Darbar Sahib, participate in                                                                          kirtan and learn about various religious festivals.                                                                      In this way, our students will learn to appreciate                                                                        the rich and wonderful traditions of the Sikh faith.

In addition, students learn the role of music and kirtan in sikh traditions. They learn how to play various instruments like the tabla and will be given opportunities to participate in kirtan as they improve. Various Sikh religious holidays (for example Vaisakhi and  Holi) are celebrated and students also participate in the Nagar Kirtan. This is important so that our     children do not forget the valuable attributes that  our gurus have given us.