Restart Plan 2020

As per the Ministry of Education, schools are due to open for in class teaching in September. Gobnd Sarvar School will be opening on Tuesday Septemebr 1, 2020 for a teacher Professional Day. Students will come to school on Friday September 4, 2020. Students will be expected to arrive by 8:10 am for a half day (dimissal will be at 11:30 am). In order to provide a safe and secure learning environment for its students, the following guidelines will be followed.

Please understand that this information may change depending on updated Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health information scheduled to be released in late August.

School Administration will carefully monitor these information sources to keep parents, custodians, agents and students well informed.

School Buses
  • parents encouraged to use own transport   where possible

  • buses are sanitized as per WorkSafe protocols

  • drivers will clean hands before hands before, and after trips

  • drivers required to wear non-medical masks

  • if a child is displaying any symptoms, they will  not be allowed to board

  • students in grade 6 and up must wear masks

Personal protection
  • students in grade 4 and up are required to wear masks when in a crowded area, for example, hallways and buses

  • staff will be required to wear masks if social distance cannot be maintained.

  • washable masks will be made available

  • students and staff to remain within their own learning groups

  • students encouraged to wash hands often

  • In order to avoide un-necessary exposure to outside risks, assemblies will NOT be held until further notice.

  • students will be engaging with aspects of Sikhism in the first half hour of the day through other means

Arriving in school
  • students must enter and leave through their own entrance/exit depending on learning group

  • anyone showing any symptoms will not be allowed in

  • students will need to use sanitizer upon entering

  • once inside, everyone must follow arrow signs for direction of travel

Recess and lunch breaks
  • recess and lunch breaks will be staggered

  • students will have recess and lunch breaks within their own learning groups only

  • staff will be supervising students on recess and lunch duties

  • when re-entering the school building, students will be required to sanitize hands

Hygiene & Safety
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school

  • Students to use hand sanitizer upon enetering school building

  • Disinfectant wipes will be available in each classroom and at all common areas

  • Cleaning of all common areas at least three times daily

  • The school will undergo a deep cleaning at the end of each school day

  • any un-necesary furniture will be removed from school areas

  • Foot traffic throughout the school will be controlled by floor signs