"Kids are born to play". No school curriculum can be complete without a sports program. Starting from as early as kindergarten, Gobind Sarvar students are engaged in a sports program. Our sports program is an integral part of school life and important to a student’s well-being.  

The program offers a wide range of group and individual activities as well as opportunities to develop personal skills and leadership qualities that benefit students long after they graduate. See our list of activities.

Gobind Sarvar offers a variety of sports, some of which are competitive. Students wanting to participate rather than compete are given opportunities to play and improve their abilities and learn teamwork.

Emphasis is given to participation rather than competition.

Regular participation in a sports program has many benefits, including:

1 - Improving physical health

2 - Improving mental well-being

3 - Improves Endurance

4 - Builds character

5 - Develops teamwork

6 - Teaches discipline 

7 - Teaches time-management skills

8 - Aids in weight control

9 - Boosts self-esteem

10 - Promotes healthy competition